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sentence which returns the most results in Google (compared to other sentences of the same word length).

For example, the sentence “I am hungry” (entered in quotes) returns 311,000 results. Not a lot when you consider how many pages Google has. So let’s try something which might yield some more results: “I was born,” which returns almost 8 million result pages – much better already.

The PopSents homepage ( lists some of the most popular sentences found in a high-score table. Can you beat those?

3 Word Sentences

·         “What’s new”

·         “You don’t”

·         “I don’t”

·         “You will be”

·         “It is not”

4 Word Sentences

·         “I don’t know”

·         “Click here for more”

·         “This page uses frames”

·         “Click here to see”

·         “Do you want to”

5 Word Sentences

·         “You don’t have to”

·         “Click here for more information”

·         “I don’t want to”

·         “Tell us what you think”