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55 Ways to Have Fun With Google. Go to Table of Contents. Visit Gifcom.

1.     can

2.     our

3.     use

4.     news

5.     will

6.     privacy

7.     help

8.     one

9.     rights

10. we

11. if


And here are the least popular words from the dictionary used:

Bowdlerise, baccarra, legitimatise, clothesbasket, pauperise, muckheap, disembroil, gaolbird, hedgehop, chimneybreast, underquote, lughole, overcapitalize, acknowedgement, telephotograph, rumourmonger, undernourish, shopsoiled, chopfallen, clarts, halfpennyworth, forrader, outmarch, ropedancer, stomachful, reafforest, mercerize, cardpunch, maulstick, fingerstall, outridden, latinise, popadum, dustsheet, winceyette, straphanging, jewelelry, palankeen, skidlid, nasalise, heelball, coalscuttle, iodise, hipbath, counterattraction, chatey, remilitarise, chifonnier, disendow, cowheel, overcapitalise, roodscreen, salify, slenderise, macadamise, scrumcap, borshcht, velarize, transistorise, checkrail, longhop, chapelgoer, lanternslide.

So there we have the most and least popular words. But what about full sentences? We can’t find them automatically, unless we search for all word combinations – which would take forever. And because it’s impossible to automate, people created a game for this: PopSents.

PopSent is short for “popular sentences.” The goal of the game, which was invented by Larry Tapper, is to create a real and meaningful