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47. Most Popular Words, and PopSents

Which words are the most popular? Which words are most used online? We can find out by searching Google for every word in a dictionary – and then comparing the resulting page count for every word. Doing this, here are the 50 most popular English words. Before you take a look, can you guess which words will be on top?

(Of course, the data is slightly skewed, because the approach does not take into account how often a word appears on an individual page. This can give a slight boost to words which appear often on pages, but also mostly only once, like “copyright” or “home”.)

1.     the

2.     of

3.     and

4.     to

5.     a

6.     in

7.     for

8.     on

9.     home

10. is

11. by

12. all

13. this

14. with

15. about