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this genre.
– John F. Carr in, September 26 1994

What’s Yahoo?

I have heard mention of a search utility called ‘yahoo’ on some of my lists.  Can anyone tell me what this is and where I can find it?
– Ktrent in, January 17 1995

EBay Founder Promotes New Site ... All items are offered by the individual sellers, and anyone is free to bid on any item, or to add items, free of charge.
– Pierre Omidyar,, September 12 1995

Google Too Cluttered

Google replaces the simple vote-count with an opaque percentage, adds an unhelpful bar-graph for each response, etc etc etc.  ... Also, Google’s search-page is bogged down with ridiculous amounts of history/ theory/ acknowledgements, making it load much slower, and menus that aren’t really relevant for me.
– Jorn in, April 1 1998