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The New “Terminator” Movie

‘The Terminator’ is better than I thought it would be. The coming attractions made it look like a fairly standard action film emphasizing multiple deaths. Well, that element is certainly present, but there is more to the film than violent killings. Not an awful lot more, but more.
– Reiher in net.movies, November 5 1984

First Usenet Mention of the Y2K Bug

I have a friend that raised an interesting question that I immediately tried to prove wrong. He is a programmer and has this notion that when we reach the year 2000, computers will not accept the new date. Will the computers assume that it is 1900, or will it even cause a problem? I violently opposed this because it seemed so meaningless.
– Spencer Bolles net.bugs, Jan 19 1985

The New Coke

Okay.... I’ve endured a lot of abuse in my time, but this is the final straw! **** They are changing the Coca-Cola formula!!!!!!!!!! **** Is nothing sacred??!!! They might as well outlaw the Beatles, or change God’s name, or reinstate prohibition.
– Gordon Howel in net.misc, April 26 1985

First Mention of Bruce Willis

You all out there have been talking about ABC and whether anyone actually watches it anymore.  Well, there’s a show on ABC called “Moonlighting” that is actually not half-bad.  It stars Cybil Shephard (there aren’t too many better looking women on television) and Bruce Willis (I know, who???).
– Jeff Gershengorn in, September 7 1985