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First Mention of MTV

You want to see re-dubs and lip-synchs check out MTV – if your ears can take it...
– Teklabs in, Mar 22 1982

Star Wars: Return of the Jedi

“Revenge of the Jedi”... Episode 6 in the Star Wars saga, has just finished filming, according to some friends I have down in Arizona. ... The release date for us humans that want to see it is still the summer of 1983. I guess it takes that long to score all the music, do all the film-editing, prepare all the promo material, and all that junk.
– Azure in net.movies, June 9 1982

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

... appears weekly on PBS. (Fri in Toronto) very strange but enjoyable sci-fi.
– utcsstat in net.movies, August 6 1982

The C64 Computer

Any opinions on the new Commodore 64 computer. I’ve seen it and it looks pretty neat. (i) it comes with 64K of memory standard (ii) in highest graphics resolution it has 320 X 200 pixels.
– Doug in net.micro, Aug 21 1982

Madonna’s Early Years

I have heard a song with some chipmunk-voiced woman singing ‘We’re living in a Material World’ ... Question: Who sings this?
– Bob Switzer in, January 17 1985