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“... Steven Speilberg ... Steven Spielburg ... Steven Spielberger ...”
– Discussion thread on an E.T. forum

“Favorite NFL Team: an Francisco 49ers
– What’s an Francisco? Sports Illustrated

“‘Look at this Angelina Jolly,’ Bridget’s mother says in one of the new columns, presenting her as a role model.”
–International Herald Tribune, August 2005

“Microsoft is hoping to gain a foothold. Also, Goggle’s been there too, hoping to gain a foothold in the lucrative search engine market.”
– CNN Live Today, Transcript, February 2005

 “Margaret Mitchell was born in Atlanta, Georgia ... In 1922 she marred Berrien Upshaw”
–, Margaret Mitchell Biography, 2003

“If you don’t know who Bruce Campbell is, you must have been living under a rock! He’s only the biggest B-Move Actor ever”
– Judy’s Books member reviews, August 2005

“Who is the fynest male movie stair of 2003???”
– Ballot