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44. Spelling Errors Galore

Almost every spelling error you can think of has indeed been made at one time or another. It’s only that before Google came along, we never knew all the places the misspelling was made, and by whom. That’s changed now; among the billions of pages indexed, every celebrity, title, phrase, and word exists in dozens of variants. To see for yourself, just enter a misspelled word and ignore Google’s spelling suggestion for a moment (and if you want to limited your search to only a certain news source, use the “site” operator, e.g.

Here’s a “best of spelling,” courtesy of the Google search engine:


“The leader of the Sudan Peoples’ Liberation Movement/Army ... yesterday received a personal message from US President George Hush Jr, according to the rebel movement.”
– Afrol News, November 2005

“This autumn, Britney Pears will launch her first perfume to US ... composed of flowers and vanilla.”
– News, August 2004

“At the current time, The MGM Grand does not have any confirmed information regarding a April 6th performance starring Paul McMartney.
– BeatleLinks Fab Forum, February 2002

“The Iranians are under pressure and the North Koreans are in disarray so in totality, the war on error it’s been a huge progress in the past 12 months.”
– International Transcript, March 2004

“The weapons of mass distraction were not there and that’s when we asserted that those weapons where there.”
– Transcript, Debate Over U.S. Bid For International Involvment In Iraq, September 2003

“There is public opinion and there is is public opinion. I’ll give you my opinion. Michael Jacksin is innocent.”
– A Freudian slip? Michael Jackson Forum, Santa Barbara, California, September 2004