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The best pool player in the world: Jackie “Minnesota Fats” Gleason.

The world’s most renowned expert on Osama bin Laden: Rohan Gunaratna.

The loudest sound on earth: A space shuttle launch.

The most expensive jewelry on the market today: Platinum jewelry, platinum engagement pins and rpins.

The most colorful mineral in the world: Fluorite.

The biggest airplane in the world: The An-225 Mriya.

The longest fight in history: Helio Gracie vs Valdemar Santana (3 hours and 45 minutes non-stop).

The deadliest martial art: Ju Jitsu in its purest form.

The most beautiful children’s book: Jan Karon’s "Miss Fannie’s Hat."

The worst cook in the world: Dad.

End Notes

1. Diane King,, on the LaughLab experiment conducted by Dr. Richard Wiseman, University of Hertfordshire. (