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The most complicated formula: The formula for calculations of the acoustic field of a slanted transducer in the far-field zone.

The most boring book: Learning and Using Communication Theories: A Student Guide for Theories of Human Communications, by Stephen W. Littlejohn.

The most expensive painting: Vincent van Gogh’s “Portrait of Dr. Gachet.”

The sweetest candy: The sweet-potato candy.

The hottest dish in the world: Taiwain Ramen (Wakaranai).

The spiciest chili is: “Mouseshit” chili that comes from the mountain. It’s small but deadly!

The most shocking painting: “Grandma’s Bad Attitude,” a chalk street painting in San Mateo. It depicts a surly elderly woman’s face, wrinkled with age, her tongue stuck out in disgust.

The fastest car in the world: Honda’s V6 supercar.

The fastest superhero: Marvel’s “Nova.”

The coolest superhero: Superman.

The funniest sitcom: Rick Mercer’s “Made in Canada.”

The world’s deadliest weapon: A Marine and his rifle.

The longest movie: Erich von Stroheim’s 1925 silent movie “Greed.”

The most evil nation: Contamination.

The most poisonous snake: Olive Sea Snake (on land: the Inland Taipan).

The most poisonous animal: The Dart Poison Frogs from Central and South America.

The world’s cutest animal: The Swarovski silver crystal sea horse.

The most aggressive dog: An Akita.

The laziest animal: The Sloth.

The world’s largest desert: The Sahara in Africa.