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55 Ways to Have Fun With Google. Go to Table of Contents. Visit Gifcom.

43. The Google Book of World Records

You can use Google as a big factbook to find out everything about anything – including the world’s extremes. I call it the Google Book of World Records. To collect records, just search for “the world’s highest mountain is ...” and similar phrases. Here are some of the results, false or true!

The highest mountain in the world: Mount Everest. Also, depending on how you measure: McKinley, Mauna Key.

The smallest animal in the world: An amoeba.

The ugliest animal: An ignorant human. Also: a giant stick insect.

The richest country in the world: Norway. Also available: Luxembourg.

The largest book in the world: A book located in a religious building in Mandalay, Burma (near the Golden Duck Chinese restaurant).

The fastest human alive: Charles Paddock.

The biggest city in the world: Reno, also known as “Little Las Vegas.”

The world’s smartest human: Cecil Adams.

The world’s strongest human: Kuririn Kawaii of Dragonball.

The most expensive car: An old Rolls Royce saloon convertible from way back in the day, worth 40 million dollars.

The cheapest mode of transportation: By water, but water-borne commerce is limited in speed. Also cheap: Mini-bus, city-bus, Metro, and train.

The richest man in the world: Robson Walton. Strong contender: Bill Gates.

The best comic artist: Marc Silvestri.

The richest woman in the world: Claire Zachanassian.

The poorest country in the world: Mozambique.