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up on Google’s number one spot for this word. Hundreds of millions of people visiting Google, thousands of them entering “dinner,” hundreds of them being transferred to Josh at any second.

And “dinner” wasn’t even one of the hot words. In fact it was the amount of words and phrases taken together, like “eating out,” or “San Francisco,” or “dating,” or “singles,” that had the huge impact. Josh, as Frank knowingly pointed out to him, gained the complete power of the word. Something like instant world control, he jokingly added.

“Whatever you say man, whatever you say, people will listen to you. And there will be lots of people. Don’t tell anyone about this, you’re gonna be rich. And famous.”

Nothing too bad, as Josh thought. “And after all being rich and famous means a lot of money and fame,” Frank concluded.

* * * *

And three months later indeed Josh was a celebrity. Every single word of him got quoted somewhere. CNN. ABC. BBC. Slate. Wired. Daily Mirror. New York Times. Some opened up daily Josh-columns. Josh never imagined there were so many journalists around who spice up their story with a random quip they just googled. There were Josh fan forums. There were sites dedicated to post essayist comments on Josh’s posts. Illustrations. Explanations. Discussions.

Josh, who slowly and inevitably started to feel responsible to say something at least remotely interesting, changed his weblog from personal diary to commentary on important world events. He didn’t have the insights, it’s not that. In fact you could consider him exceptionally clueless about politics and all. But he did have a way of putting things straight, a no-nonsense, plain real approach of talking. Not a style he invented – it was around in millions of blogs before. It was around when your neighbor started talking in the bus. It was the every-day chit-chat traditional media doesn’t consider polished enough to be worthwhile. Those were the thoughts not picked up by the mainstream.

But Josh got a PageRank 100, and apparently, not even the Google engineers were suspicious.

So when Josh talked about North-Korea, the President had to give a press meeting. When Josh found that his Operating System was buggy, Bill Gates had to announce to do everything to better help the “average user.” (Josh was mildly annoyed by being considered an