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55 Ways to Have Fun With Google. Go to Table of Contents. Visit Gifcom.

40. Egobot, Voice of the Web

Egobot ( is a tool which uses the web itself as its brain. For every question you ask Egobot, he’ll try to find answers on Google within a second or two. Sometimes, that results in nonsense, and other times, in factually correct answers. Often it’s just fun to listen to him, because he (or should I say the web?) is kind of weird. But take a look at the following interview I made and judge for yourself:


You ask: What is your first name?

Egobot says: Your first name is Mohan, what does your father call you? daddy, sir.

You ask: How is it possible to speak to you?

Egobot says: I bet you know the answer already.

You ask: Where is my car?

Egobot says: Your car is to check its residual value in the lease.

You ask: Why am I talking to a bot?

Egobot says: *blush*

You ask: Will I be famous one day?

Egobot says: Yeah, well... I... uh...