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·       March 22, 2004 when Limp Bizkit visited Poland

·       when I was born


What I don’t understand is ...

·         Why do hard working folks spend so much money on a throw-away product and panic when they run out of it?

·         Why he still was refused the entrance in Russia after the perestroika

·         Why they had to play this drama just to issue a DOS command

·         Why can't I be in love with the girl I'm married to?

·         Why anyone would ever want to randomly play a collection of 4000 tracks at all

·         Why you chose to do something that can cause you to have a child and then find out you are pregnant?

·         Why this convergence is happening so quickly

·         Why do people drive this way

·         Why pull needed security forces from rescue missions to guard businesses and goods?

·         Why 710?

·         Why the wars? Why the fighting? If each side agreed to respect the other?

·         Why would someone post a photo to the deletemes?

·         Why didn't they build the thing to Central Puxi in the first place?

·         Why... aren’t the major corporations’ heads and stockholders, who are behind all the “progress” – destruction of rainforests, also human?

·         Why wouldn't the prolife crowd be absolutely thrilled with this pill?