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·       the idea that these creatures could make you hurt your family

·       having to tell my parents

·       at no point did any faculty member discuss how we felt about the Presidential race

·       being able to hear the imps and zombies breathing

Then I realized that ...

·       it was just my alarm clock going off in real life

·       there was no way for me to call her now

·       we don’t need “a wiki”

·       I may very well end up on that list one day

·       I had a will, a God (Allah)-given gift: to follow the will of God (Allah).

·       I’d want to cast a bunch of unknowns and then be responsible for the next wave of superstars

·       not only was the boat not sinking, but also I had a mask on board

·       I have no computer to test the stuff (the PC on my desk has IDT C6 on it)

·       suicide wasn’t the answer

·       there was an underlying theme to everything I have been interested in

·       I was hooked, even addicted – not to the glamour, etc., of the field, not to the woo-woo psychic persona, but to the thrill of succeeding in experiments – addicted to the thrill of surmounting the impossible

My teacher told me to ...

·       hold on to the sense “I am” tenaciously and not to swerve from it even a moment

·       remind her that I had to leave at 1 pm for a dentist appointment