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·      an extra from the OC or something

·      Frankenstein in Bizarro World

·      in slow motion (when he changes)

·      a typical Hong Kong teenager – dyed hair, outrageous clothing and an attitude

And now I’ll eat ...

·      my hat

·      these bagpipes

·      lunch on the way back

·      something (and then lay down in my cleaned and tidy room)

·      freshly rinsed grapes

·      just about anything except chicken and bones

·      only rice for three months

·      your brains

What scared me most was ...

·       the clear knowledge I couldn’t talk myself out of this situation

·       the possibility of letting people down – especially me

·       what was behind the words

·       the way he looked

·       not so much things flying around, but the feeling you got in certain areas

·       the violent oscillation of the wings due to the turbulence

·       that supposedly at least 10 people signed up for the $3242 Wall Street Workshop right there on the spot!

·       that I fear communities across America will allow themselves to be torn apart by terror