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·      have many, many ideas doodled out on paper that I would love to try to incorporate into fonts

·      develop my ideas of socialism and the good life

·      go into greater detail on many important topics

·      certainly stop at one of the cafe-ouzeries in the back streets for some grilled octopus

·      have taken the train back

·      have been more ready for Nationals and Olympic Trials like I wanted to be

·      realize my mistake

·      update it much more frequently and put more work into it

·      learn to ski

·      have liked to see South Mountain Park as well

·      explore my expression through painting and photography

Superman looks like ...

·      a joke

·      a baby

·      he was drawn by John Byrne

·      a loser

·      he’s about to face a firing squad

·      a dork

·      he’s up to no good

·      a human (so Brando lost that argument)

·      a wrathful angel

·      Tom Cruise