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·      live again

·      see the world that lies behind the strangeness of your eyes

·      run a fantasy RPG with a Philippine setting

·      give away all my money

·      be able to own my home, one that I’m proud of, that’s located away from lots of people

·      feel fully satiated with life – self-satisfied!

·      have a show at MOMA

·      do something to make the world a better place

·      establish and strengthen the principles of progress and civilization in my country

·      meat Marilyn Manson

·      speak to my God once more as a living man

·      hit 500 home runs

·      celebrate me!

·      see affordable travel to the moon

If I had more time, I would ...

·      travel around the world

·      have written a shorter letter, or a shorter story

·      have called, or e-mailed the author for clarification

·      provide more details and probably end up with a 20-page paper

·      go to the gym, anything that keeps you fit and strong

·      further defend my argument

·      go to the party