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·       a tri-corder

·       a PlayStation 2

·       a friend tonight

·       a penpal

·       a dolphin for a boss

·       a river to skate

·       a Gonani church i Hawaii

·       a Boston accent

·       a brain

Oh poor thing, ...

·       she needed help but didn’t know who to ask

·       it mustn’t had a very good life

·       it must be schizophrenia

·       it’s so hard for kids to understand

·       it is sad that this will be the last we see of each other

·       it must be post-partum depression

·       it’s horrible when your cat is being bullied

·       it is soooooo sad

·       it’s too hot to be sick

·       it sucks when you can’t relax even at home

·       it’s wet

If only I could ...

·       be an earthworm

·       take you in my arms and say, I won’t go