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55 Ways to Have Fun With Google. Go to Table of Contents. Visit Gifcom.

36. Googlepolls: Ask the Crowd

You can use Google to search for people’s opinions on everything imaginable. For example, you can enter “I wish I had a ...” into Google and see what people complete this sentence with. I call this method a Googlepoll, and it gives you instant answers to how people are feeling, what they are wishing to achieve, and what obstacles they face. Plus, it’s fun.

Following are some of the most interesting Googlepolls – remember you can do your own as well, and all you need is a search engine.

I wish I had ...

·       a goat

·       a wife

·       a red Dress

·       a cave

·       a name

·       a million

·       a Mac

·       a Coke

·       a belief system

·       a big butt

·       a nickel for every-time a dollar is spent

·       a camera, or a digital camera

·       a wishing well

·       a bumper sticker

a cat, or a dog