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contain either the text “password” or “passcode,” or both (the “|” character means “or”). Also, result pages are restricted to those containing either of the words “username,” “userid” or “user.”

Finding File Listings

Search for: intitle:index-of last-modified private

You’ll find: Pages which list files found on the server.

How this works: The “intitle” operator used above will ensure that the target page contains the words “Index of” in the title. This is typical for those open directories which list files (they will have a title like “Index of /private/foo/bar”). “Last modified” on the other hand is a column header often used on those pages. And the word “private” makes sure we’ll find something of interest. A related search query which finds FTP (File Transfer Protocol) information is intitle:index.of ws_ftp.ini

Finding Webcams

Search for:powered by webcamXP” “Pro|Broadcast”

You’ll find: Public webcams set up by people to film a location, or themselves.

How this works: “Powered by WebcamXP” is a text found on specific kinds of webcam pages. A related search query to find cameras is inurl:“ViewerFrame?Mode=”.

Finding Weak Servers

Search for: intitle:“the page cannot be found” inetmgr

You’ll find: Potentially weak (IIS4) servers.

How this works: An old Microsoft Internet Information server may hint at security issues. This is one of many approaches that can be used to find such a weak server.

Finding Chat Logs

Search for: something “has quit” “has joined” filetype:txt

You’ll find: Chat log files showing what people talked about in a chat room.

How this works: Though the files found are all public, not everyone chatting on IRC (the Internet Relay Chat) is aware of potential logging