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33. Google Ads Gone Wrong

Google’s ads are the way Google Inc makes money. They are displayed on Google search results, related Google services (like Gmail), or on any other site with a web owner trying to earn some spare change. (You can buy your own ads using “AdWords,” or sell your page space using “AdSense.”)

Now the key to Google’s ad success was relevancy. Google analyzes what’s on the page, or what the searcher is looking for, and automatically chooses a fitting advertisement.

And this is where the fun starts.

As with any automation, we can see how sometimes computers and the human-created algorithms they work on are incredibly dumb at deciding just what fits onto a given page… in particular on exceptional circumstances. Here’s a slide-show of those exceptions:

The page clearly states “Say No To 0870 Telephone Numbers.” And what did the Google ads on it decide to advertise? “Memorable 0870 numbers,” and “Free 0870 numbers.”1