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advertisements on related Google search results urging searchers to “read about President Bush’s Waffles.”

“Litigious bastards” was one of the more rude Googlebombs. Its target? The SCO Group, infamous for its attempt to sue companies like IBM and others who used Linux, as well as Linux users, and its claim to own intellectual property rights to the Unix operating system. As far as the campaign’s target goes, the Googlebomb was a success and managed to propel the SCO homepage to a number 1 spot for the phrase “litigious bastards.” As is the fate of many Googlebombs, this one has disappeared by now due to search result rankings undergoing constant changes.

“Buffone,” another Googlebomb, is Italian for “clown” and was trying to make fun of Silvio Berlusconi, Italian Prime minister.

Today, there are simply too many Googlebombs around at any given time to keep track of them all. Many people try to start new ones, and only some are successful. Others manage to connect their target to the search phrase they chose, but that isn’t always the hard part. In fact, for many search phrases it’s trivial to make any page to be the top result in Google; this is always the case when the phrase is not competitive. However, it’s not as easy to get people to react on the Googlebomb, let alone take notice. And even if people take notice, they might start to counter-googlebomb, which then turns this into a rather meaningless power game of which campaign attracts more followers to use link text as needed.



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