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28. The Strange World of Google News

Google News is Google’s automated news polling machine. It will display whatever it thinks is important today based on what other news sources write. The fact that it’s automated may make it more objective (even though the included sites are still picked manually, and in the case of China, the local government has a word to say in it too), but at times, the Google machines get it wrong. They put the false image next to a news story, or the snippet doesn’t fit with the headline – or the story’s a hoax, like when Google News in November 2003 announced that Google Inc had been bought by food giant Nestlé (“Nestlé says Google will be renamed NesGoogle and have a recipe section added to its main page”). I’ve collected some of the examples of the past here – it’s good the Google computers don’t have human feelings, because they sure would feel guilty now.

The snippet1 says a Toronto tax accountant won the largest slot-machine jackpot in Canadian history – $5!