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55 Ways to Have Fun With Google. Go to Table of Contents. Visit Gifcom.

13. Around how many hits do you get for the word “Hello” (in 2006)?< xml="true" ns="urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" prefix="o" namespace="">

a) 420,000 pages
42,000,000,000 pages

14. If you want to find a place to grab a pizza, you go to ...

a) Google Food
b) Google Places
c) Google Local

15. At the Association of National Advertisers annual conference in October 2005, who said Google will take 300 years to fulfill its mission to index the world’s data?

a) Eric Schmidt
b) Larry Page
c) Marissa Mayer

16. What colors do the letters of the Google logo have, from left to right?

a) Red – Blue – Green – Yellow – Green
b) Blue – Red – Yellow – Blue – Green – Red
c) Blue – Yellow – Purple – Yellow – Red – Blue


How well did you do?

Calculate your points by  adding 10 points for each question you answered like the following: 1 - b, 2 - c, 3 - a, 4 - b, 5 - b, 6 - c, 7 - b, 8 - a, 9 - c, 10 - c, 11 - a, 12 - a, 13 - b, 14 - c, 15 - a, 16 – b.

0–50 points: Though you have a mild interest in Google, you’re new to the topic. Maybe you prefer other search engines, or you’re not using the web for a lot of tasks. You have yet to learn how to become a power searcher, but you’re on your way.

60–110 points: You already understand more than just the basics of how Google works. Using your search power, you can locate almost anything you want. You are likely making good use of Gmail, Google News, and other Google services.

120–160 points: Consider yourself a Google guru. In fact, with your knowledge you could write a book like this. Chances are you are reading a lot of news