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26. The Google Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Google?

Are you a Google expert? Do you know everything about the company and its services? Or are you still new to the topic, and you only used their search engine for a couple of times so far? Well, you can put your knowledge to the test in this quiz which will answer the question: How much do you know about Google? Get a pencil and cross the single right answer for every question, and calculate your score afterwards.


1. Google Inc. was founded in ...

a) 1996
b) 1998
c) 2000

2. Google Inc. was founded by ...

a) Sergey Page and Larry Brin
b) Eric Schmidt and Larry Page
c) Larry Page and Sergey Brin

3. Which search operator does Google enable by default?

a) The AND operator
b) The OR operator
c) The NOT operator

4. Google once used Yahoo’s search result to feed its engine. True?

a) Yes, from 1998-2000.
b) No, it was the other way round – Yahoo used Google once.
c) No, Google and Yahoo never had any search relationship.

5. Google Analytics is a service to ...

a) Check if your web pages validate
b) Check how many people visit your web pages
c) Check your Google PageRank