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24. The Shortest Google Search (and the One Returning the Most Results)

Can you find the shortest Google search that doesn’t return any results, using only the letters a-z (no Umlaute or accented characters) and the numbers 0-9? How many letters will you need? For example, you can enter “d8” into Google. It’s only two letters, so it’s very short. But whoops – it returns nearly 5 million pages! Or search for “njd2we9e2.” That returns no results... but it’s also 9 letters long. Can you make a short search with no pages at all found on the web?

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Also, can you find the Google search returning the most results? You are allowed to use any character at all (not only letters from a-z and numbers). Let’s say you search for Beatles. More than 16 million results. Not bad already. Or search for USA. That’ll be over 1 billion result pages, as Google tells you. That’s better, but you can go even higher than that. Which single search query finds the most result pages?

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