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Star Wars                                             14.97%
Firewall                                                8.98%
Blade Runner                                       4.06%
Raiders of the Lost Ark                                    2.78%
The Fugitive                                         2.12%
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade      1.43%
American Graffiti                                 1.13%
Six Days Seven Nights                          0.9%
Regarding Henry                                  0.55%
The Mosquito Coast                             0.5%

We can also find the googleshare for a specific year and an event. For example, we can determine the googleshare for 1950 and “Disco,” 1951 and “Disco,” and so on for all years until 2005. We then normalize this data by taking into account that some years are represented more often on the web (for example, the year 1960 on its own appears more often than the year 1961). What we get as result is a peak year which shows us when this fad or person was on the height of its fame, or when an event happened. I’ve created a tool called “Centuryshare” as part of the FindForward search engine ( which helps visualize this data: