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19. Kevin Bacon and the Google Network

You probably heard of the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon game. The objective is to find a way to get from any actor to Kevin Bacon in six steps or less. For example, Sean Connery has a Bacon number of 2 (Sean Connery was in Wrong Is Right with Myron Natwick, who was in Cavedweller with Kevin Bacon). That’s possible because Kevin Bacon stars in a whole lot of movies. But is he really the center of Hollywood?

I tried to find out if Kevin Bacon’s network is indeed as dense as the Six Degrees game suggests. And of course, I used Google for that. Here’s what I did, and you can try the same; I picked a list of 50 random famous actors, including Kevin Bacon, and searched Google trying to find out if any two of the actors on the list were in a movie together. Of course, this isn’t statistical correct proof. But it’s fun. Here’s an example of a search query:

“Sean Connery and Julia Roberts” OR “Julia Roberts and Sean Connery” -degrees

This will return all pages with either the first or second phrase in them. (I exclude pages with the word “degrees” because I don’t want to hit on pages where people played the Six Degrees game, as that would give Kevin Bacon an unfair advantage.) Whenever over 500 results have been found, I will count this as a “hit.”

The following map shows all hits combined into a social network1. Some actors of the 50 I included in the game actually didn’t make the list because they had no connection at all – like Humphrey Bogart.