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would be successful, he would continue traveling to the person found on that new Googlewhack page.

While the concept of Dave’s Googlewhack adventure may sound simple, executing it wasn’t. First of all, not every page Dave found contained a contact address. Also, not everyone wanted to meet him, or googlewhack for him. And there was a good chance that person, even though willing to help out, wasn’t able to find another Googlewhack. All in all, as Dave puts it, “Googlewhacking has taken me around the world. Three times. I’ve played table tennis with a nine year old boy in Boston, and I’ve been way too familiar with some snakes in LA. I’ve met mini-drivers in North Wales and hippies in Memphis.”2 Now I won’t spoil the ending, so if you want to find out if Dave was successful or if he lost this bet with his French friend, take a look at the book or fun DVD of the live show ( In the meantime, you might want to try finding a Googlewhack yourself... or send Dave another email. Who knows what might happen?


End Notes

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