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14. Fun With Google Maps, the Wiki Way

This chapter is a special one, because it wasn’t written by me. In fact, it wasn’t written by any single person… instead, I created a wiki (a website anyone can edit) and allowed for people to write this chapter. The topic was “Fun With Google Maps” and the result is the group-authored text that follows!


Google Maps


Google introduced Google Maps in February 2005 to let users “view maps, get driving directions, and search for local businesses and services.” Instead of doing a multitude of things, Google Maps did only one thing (but it did that one good): show you a near full-screen map of the US – and later, other parts of the world – allowing you to drag and drop the map (or search) to get to any location. Search for pizza in chicago, and a couple of red pins mark the location. Clicking on a pin reveals an info box with more details on what you can find at this location.

Worldwide reach

Google Maps was originally different then Google Local, but they later merged together.