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12. Oops, I Googled Again


Brian Mingus and a bunch of his friends were sitting together one evening, and after a few glasses of Italian wine, decided to write up a giant list of catch-phrases, movie titles, proverbs and random quotes... which all had to include the word “Google.” Here’s the list1... can you guess all the sources?


How many Googles must a man walk down?
Googlemorgen America
Thus quothe the raven, “Google more!”
Wherefore art thou, Google
Google and prejudice
Once upon a midnight dreary, while I Googled weak and weary
I am a Googlevangelist
Googles up, hang ten!
Google is the dictator that everyone loves
You can’t spell God without Google
Stairway to Google
Dude, where’s my Google?
Got Google?
We are all Googlers under Google
In the beginning, there was Google
I Google, therefore I am
It was the best of Googles, it was the worst of Googles
All my kingdom for a Googler
Peace, Love, and Google
All you need is Google
Google like it’s 1999
The Google at the end of the rainbow
We’ve found a witch! Can we Google her?
The Googler on the roof
One flew over the Googlenest
Why can’t the English teach their children how to Google
We are the knights who say Google
Google spoke Zarathustra
That’s why the Google is a tramp
Murder she Googled
Save the last Google for me
There’s not enough Google in this town for the both of us
I’ll Google you on the flip-side
The Scarlett Google
The Purloined Google
“Googligans Island”
All my Googles