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55 Ways to Have Fun With Google. Go to Table of Contents. Visit Gifcom.

disappeared. Presumably because of legal reasons... but we don’t know. I never saw it, but I’ve seen some copies of it.

What is Google Base?

Tony: Good question. It seems to be everything! It’s an online repository where people can upload practically any data that has a structure. It can be used for storing things like recipes, people profiles and classified ads. So you can advertise anything you might have for sale – although there’s no way to take payment via Google Base at the moment. In short, it’s an online database application.

What is Google Analytics?

Tony: It’s a web stats analysis application. You place some JavaScript in your website which then collects data from your visitors using cookies. Google Analytics takes all this data and analyzes it, creating graphs and reports about your visitors’ trends.

What is Google Sets?

Tony: It’s in Google Labs. I looked at it a long time ago so I’ve forgotten exactly what it does! I think it’s a service that lets you provide several items – up to five, I think – and Google will suggest some more items that are in the same group.

What do you think is fun about Google?

There are a lot of things that make Google fun. It can be used to settle the most basic of arguments. We often use it in the office when we don’t believe what someone is saying. We run the risk of being fooled by the “If it appears on Google, it’s true!” rule!

Their services are always interesting. Waiting for a new service can be exciting. It gets people talking...

Very often, the services aren’t ground-breaking –­­­­­ but the way Google present them is. Take Gmail and Google Maps. These types of services had been around for years, yet all of a sudden you could just sit and play with Google Maps for hours!