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often consists of smaller projects that some of the Google Employees create in their 20% time.

What is Google Local?

Tony: It’s pretty much like an online service directory, like the Yellow Pages. In fact, Google Local UK uses for its results, I think. It’s recently been integrated with Google Maps so that it’s easier to see where the businesses are located.

What is Google Scholar?

Tony: It’s an online search that searches educational papers and theses, things like that.

What is Google Video?

Tony: It’s a video search that searches for videos that have been uploaded by the public or by a number of different associations who have agreed to let their content be available for free. I think it only searches the description or transcript that’s been provided by the user.

What is Google Answers?

Tony: Google Answers is an “ask the expert” service where you can submit a question, name your price and, hopefully, get an answer from an expert in the field.

What is Froogle?

Tony: It’s an online price comparison service to help you with your online shopping.

What are Google Alerts?

Tony: Basically, Google will send you an email whenever something new appears in the Google web results or Google News.

What is Google Desktop?

Tony: Google Desktop started off as a desktop application – Google Desktop Search – that enabled you to search your PC for information. I think it’s turned into something much bigger now, where you can add your own bits to it. I’ve never used it.

What are Google Groups?

Tony: Google Groups encapsulates Usenet groups as well as Usenet-style groups that have been created by Google Account owners. They are basically discussion forums/ mailing-lists.

What was Google X?

Tony: I think it was a service similar to the existing home page that used a Mac OS X style interface. It appeared in Google Labs but then