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Judith: That’s when Google sees you are searching for illegal material online and you click on one of the result pages. This can have legal consequences.

What is Google Blogger?

Judith: That’s a weblog community run by Google.

What is Google Desktop?

Judith: That’s like Microsoft Windows but made by Google. E.g. it contains a word processor.

What are Google Groups?

Judith: Those are chat rooms on any conceivable topic. You can login to talk.

What is Google X?

Judith: I have no idea! Well, I suppose it’s a kind of Google-related riddle or puzzle game.

What do you think is fun about Google?

Judith: Searching for people. That’s nothing particularly special or uncommon, but it  satisfies your curiosity about someone you want to know more about.

Asking a Google Expert

Tony, what is Picasa?

Tony: It’s a photo management/ organization application. You can download a program that allows you to manipulate your images.

What is Google Talk?

Tony: It’s an IM – Instant Messenger – application that allows online conversations and VoIP, Voice over IP.

What is Google Earth?

Tony: It’s fantastic! I’ve told my friends that it’s arguably the best thing to appear on the Internet this year! Seriously though, it’s a program that allows you view the earth from space. You can zoom in and view certain areas really close up.

What is Google Labs?

Tony: In my view, Google Labs isn’t really a service as such. It’s simply a name they give to many new releases that don’t quite make it to Beta. It