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55 Ways to Have Fun With Google. Go to Table of Contents. Visit Gifcom.

Asking a Google Novice

Judith, what is Google Talk?

Judith: I believe that’s a text to speech program to read out things for you.

What is Google Earth?

Judith: I know that one! You can view the whole globe from above. You can zoom close into every country.

What is Picasa?

Judith: That’s a fun drawing program to create Picasso-like paintings.

What is Gmail?

Judith: That’s an email client.

What are the Google Labs?

Judith: That’s a place to propose interesting ideas for Google to add to their products. The suggestions are filtered by Google engineers and finally, they will be implemented.

What is Google Maps?

Judith: I don’t have a clue.

What is Google Scholar?

Judith: Google for students, without any adult websites.

What is Google Video?

Judith: That’s a search engine, similar to an image search, but for videos instead.

What is Google Images?

Judith: The same like a search engine for words, but with images.

What is Google Answers?

Judith: That’s a place where you can ask questions for other people to answer. If the answer is right, those who answered will get money.

What is Google Catalogs?

Judith: You can see pages taken from catalogs, for example when you enter “teddy bear,” you will see catalog pages containing teddy bears.

What is Froogle?

Judith: That could be a parody site acting just like Google... no matter what you enter, all you get are results containing images of frogs.

What are Google Alerts?