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55 Ways to Have Fun With Google. Go to Table of Contents. Visit Gifcom.

8. What is Google, and what do people consider fun about it?

(Image courtesy of Elwyn Jenkins. © 2003 Verity Intellectual Properties Pty Ltd.)


Google is more than just the search engine. Even though that alone wouldn’t be too bad, either, because it allows us to quickly receive answers from the web to almost any question asked. Today while I’m writing this book, Google consists of dozens of services ( Some you may have heard of, like Gmail, or Google Maps. Others are more obscure, like Google Base, Google Page Creator, Google Writely or Google X, and even Google experts can have a hard time keeping track.

To understand what people know of Google – and what they think is fun about it – I asked my sister Judith about the different services. Afterwards, I asked UK programmer and Google expert Tony Ruscoe ( about these services. Both were urged to take a guess in case they were clueless about the answer. Well, who’s right then? I won’t judge, but instead will let you read their answers now!