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55 Ways to Have Fun With Google. Go to Table of Contents. Visit Gifcom.

5. Googling Proverbs

In his book Was Wir Wissen1 (“what we know”), German author Benjamin von Stuckrad-Barre tried to find the everyday life contexts in which proverbs are used – and he used Google to do so. For example, he searched for “Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones” and then listed who was being referred to on the resulting web pages (like discussion boards, or news articles). Let’s follow the same approach for English proverbs here!

Who shouldn’t throw stones in a glass house?

·         The plywood industries of Malaysia and Indonesia

·         People who say Michael is guilty

·         Those who tell on people who don’t follow a site’s Terms of Service

·         Russia

·         People who call Greeks liars

What conquers all?

·         Love

·         Labor and perseverance

·         Courage

·         Truth

·         Humor

·         Linux

What can’t a man live by alone?

·         Bread

·         Rice

·         Incompetence

·         Crimefighting

·         Chocolate