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Steven is writing the same song over and over.
Terry is back with his new group, The Society for Truth and Justice.
Thomas is still searching
Timothy is an accomplished juggler.
Walter is now 79 years of age and in excellent health.
William is truly “fit for a king.”

Female Names

Alice is an AIML engine written in C++.
Amanda is most known for her role in FOX’s hit TV show “The OC.”
Amy is... sniff... sniff... sad about our recent barking on her “Re-name RSS contest.”
Angela is absolutely swamped this week!
Ann is only a writer – and NOT a private detective.
Anna is helping out with the hurricane relief effort.
Anne is a storyteller.
Barbara is to go to Paddle Sports of Santa Barbara.
Betty is distinctively heard singing alongside Michael.
Brenda is the mother of 14 children, 12 of whom are adopted.
Carolyn is currently training for the next WNBA season.
Catherine is a star.
Christina is also busy promoting the line of footwear “Skechers.”
Christine is red and white.
Cindy is in “love with the attention.”
Cynthia is still on the border.
Debbie is an International Magician.
Deborah is pleased to announce two brand-new paintings!
Debra is a nationally recognized expert on communication skills.
Denise is funny, bright and bubbly.
Diana is currently in London, England where she is working on the artwork. ...
Diane is steadfast in her mission of marketing and negotiating the terms of the sale.
Donna is recording her 2nd CD, "Feels Like Home", which will be released in 2001.
Doris is such a great zine.
Dorothy is 5 Dinosaur years old, and is very wise for her age.
Edith is only meaningful.
Elizabeth is just south of the expanding Addo Elephant National Park.
Ellen is Africa’s first lady president.
Emily is nation’s young poet of the year.
Heather is the one with the muscles.
Helen is Coming To Town!.
Irene: Irene is a wedding and portrait photographer serving parts of New England and New York State. Jane is one of Victorian literature’s rebellious heroines.