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55 Ways to Have Fun With Google. Go to Table of Contents. Visit Gifcom.

Arnold Schwarzenegger is a man more familiar with the red carpets of a movie premiere than a white collar business seminar.
Arnold Schwarzenegger is terrifying as the “killer cyborg” who “looks like Death rendered in steel.”
Arnold Schwarzenegger is The Terminator (T-800).
Arnold Schwarzenegger is quickly discovering that life in politics doesn’t always produce the happy endings so common in many of his Hollywood blockbusters.

Note that you can use “stars in,” “was born in” and similar glue words instead of “is” to find out almost anything about a celebrity. You can even expand the idea to include things, not people… try searching for “Nikon cameras are” and similar queries.

If you don’t have Google near you, here are some popular male and female names with their “egogoogled” results.

Male Names

Aaron is a monotonic anchor.
Adam is a deeply disturbing and depressing film.
Alan is AI’s pattern-matching chatbot.
Albert is so cute!
Andrew is the Patron Saint of Scotland.
Anthony is probably the best male vocal out there.
Arthur is kind of in a category by itself.
Brandon is for the birds.
Brian is embarrassed that he needs the extra help in school.
Carl is just sitting there in Nashville!
Charles is also a coach of AYSO youth soccer, an officer in the PTA of the local elementary school.
Christopher is of mixed heritage (Asian-American).
Daniel is a natural talent .
David is not allowed computer access.
Dennis is one of Britain’s best known entrepreneurs.
Donald is rarely easy to understand, and people have supposedly heard him say all sorts of risque things. Donald is a Professor in the Department of Psychology.
Douglas is “King of California.”
Edward is a biological human (not a robot).
Edward is coming BACK to television.
Eric is featured on guitar and mandolin on the songs Viargra and Gypsy woman.
Frank is hilariously funny on what makes us red-staters different from blue-staters (not).
Fred is leading the Franklin Templeton Shootout after 2 rounds!