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55 Ways to Have Fun With Google. Go to Table of Contents. Visit Gifcom.

1. Egogoogling: Susan Is…

Have you ever searched for your own name on Google, curious what the world has to say about you? Almost everyone of us did, one time or another. In fact, you should – maybe others search for you all the same, and you want to know what they will find.

The act of searching for yourself is also known as “egogoogling.” Here’s a variant of it which can be a fun game. Enter your first name followed by the word “is” into Google, and put the search in quotes. For example, if your name is Susan, the search would look like this:

“susan is”

Now in the search result snippets, you will learn a lot of things about you that you didn’t even know! For the name “Susan,” we get the following:

Susan is an amazing person to work with!

Susan is an ethical woman and is refusing to cooperate

Susan is a very attractive young lady (with a boyfriend) who for some reason is always late.

Susan is a top Florida residential real estate agent.

Susan is a top producer specializing in the ski resort town of Breckenridge, as well as the surrounding area.

Not only can you apply this approach to find out more about yourself (or just have a good laugh, actually, as the results are likely to be about another person), you can also use this to find out about celebrities. To do so, enter the full celebrity name followed by the word “is” into Google, and put it in quotes again:

“arnold schwarzenegger is”

For action movie star Arnie, we get these results:

Arnold Schwarzenegger is a very talented man who would make an excellent governor.
Arnold Schwarzenegger is falling into a similar spiral.
Arnold Schwarzenegger is looking out for voters’ best interests.