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 Still I am in Love with Her..!!

Hello Fnds, how r u all?? I am Varun. You Know!!! Today is my love anniversary and yesterday is my death anniversary. Both important days r together.  Great naa……???


             On April 1st 2005, I proposed my love to Sangeeta. Initially she did not accept my love (it’s common with all the girls).After so many struggles, gifts and chocolates finally she said “ok” to me. She never asked me to bring chocolates, of course we have to understand that thing from her facial expressions.

              I used to spend more time in food court rather than at my company’s cafeteria, because it’s the meeting place of all employees of different companies located at golf link park, Bangalore. After few

 months I became pretty much busy with my project, in fact I couldn’t have time to spend with her. I was unable to control myself without seeing or talking to her at least thrice in a day. If I find even one minutiae of free time,I used to call her. In that hectic time, instead of supporting me, she started blaming that “these days you are not taking care of me, at the time of your love proposal you were like my shadow but these days you are not having time to sit together for lunch.”  I tried many times to explain my situation but never she had listened. She is also depressed a lot because of this circumstances, suddenly her parents put a marriage proposal before her. He is working in IBM Australia, she also got an onsite opportunity to Australia (she is working in ANZ-IT).Without thinking about me she took abrupt decision and said ok for that marriage proposal.She got married..!!

               That was March 31st 2006. Everyone was busy in shopping. All the shopping malls were very rush because of stock completion offers for that financial year. Especially malls are too colorful with love pairs. By looking at them I felt jealous and  went into deep depression. I don’t know what I am doing at that time. In that frustration I decided not to live.I purchased sleeping pills and returned to my flat and closed all the doors. Before taking the sleeping pills along with wine, I got call from my mom “Hi Varu…How are you?” Suddenly I thrown the wine glass and questioned my self  “why I have to die?? Oh…no way.

         ---------------------Flashback ends----------------------

                 Guyz from that day on wards I started living for the people who really love me. I have so many lovable friends and also parents. Then why should I die for a girl who is not at all bothering about me.I too have my own life. If she is not, some other will come. So March 31st is the death anniversary of my old life”. April 1st is the love anniversary of my new life. Dear friends I want to tell you one thing“Never get ready to sacrifice your life”.                               

                                Ever Ur’s     Varun.




 If U love someone Express it..!!


               Myself Sridhar and I am doing M.Tech in Pune University. Recently got selected in TCS Ltd. I just want share my personal experience about the guyz situation particularly when they fallen in love with any girl.

              When u miss & love someone you will go thru everything that needs to be gone thru...just to keep this special person in your life. you will experience pain, tears, lust, hurt, a broken heart, u will feel that if u ever lose her you will not want to live anymore, before they walk out of your life you will rather take their steps so you can always step back to them, you cant imagine a world without this person, u cant trust anyone but yourself, you will do anything in order to have this person forever in your heart, you will cry yourself to sleep when you’ve been hurt, you’ll miss them all the time, you never stop smiling when u are with her, you’ll dream of her close to u and wake up crying thinking that the dream was real, you’ll have butterflies in your tummy every time you think of her, you’ll have to lie just in case you lose her, you’ll always picture there smile and put it in a frame, you’ll weep for them if they feel pain, you’ll keep every moment with them in your heart so they will always b with you, you’ll do everything for them, you’ll die for them, you’ll live for them, SO REALLY ITS NOT WHO YOU LOVE ITS HOW TO LOVE...”

             Yes, my friends these are my feelings, I shared with “funweek” and completely explained about my situation. The suggestion what I got from “funweek” team is Go upto him/her and say whatever you feel. You have just loved someone and loving someone is not a crime. Don't be scared of rejection. Before loving someone, we never keep a condition of being loved back. If he/she says yes, your life will be full of happiness. God forbid, if he/she doesn't, then also you will have experienced the beautiful feeling of love. There are many unfortunate people in this world who never ever get a chance of loving someone also. So, being in love itself makes you a very special and lucky person.

             So now I decided to express my love through funweek to the girl where I met her at JKC. “Hope by reading this she may get what I mean to say is. What ever the response I will get from her, it bothers me a lot, but now I am mentally ok to face any kind of situation.”

            But friends my only suggestion is if U love some one express it and my kind suggestion to girls is “receiving a proposal from a guy is not at all a bad thing. Just give them a chance to express their feeling. After that U can give Ur replay according to your interests and your background. Bye for now…                                      

                                                         …… Ever Ur’s     Sridhar.