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Sardar at bar in New York.

Sardar at bar in New York.
Man on his right says "Johny Walker single"
Man on his left says "Peter Scotch single"  Sardar says - "Baljith Singh Married"


Prince Charles & Sardarji

 Prince Charles & Sardarji were having dinner.
Prince said, "Pass the wine you divine".
Sardar thinks "how poetic"
Sardar says, "pass the custard you bastard".


The Driver Sardar


Boss: am giving u job as a driver.

STARTING salary Rs.2000/-, is it o.k
Sardar : U R great sir! Starting salary is o.k.......but??
how much is DRIVING salary...?



Sardar's theory

 Moon is more impt than Sun,
coz it gives light at night when light is needed
and Sun gives light during the day when light
is not needed!!!



Sardars on drive

2 sardars are driving a Car,
 one puts on the indicator and asks the
other to check whether its working,
he puts his head out and says



Sardar 2 his GF

Sardar shouting 2 his girl friend
"u said v will do register marriage and cheated me,
I was waiting 4 u yesterday whole day in the post

Sardar Bhai..MBBS

Sardar is in a dissection class of cockroach.
 He cuts its 1 leg, and says, "chal", it walks.
He cuts 2nd and 3rd legs and said, "chal" , it walks.
He cuts all the legs and said, "chal....
"Finally he wrote the conclusion......
"after all the legs of a cockroach are cut - it becomes deaf "


Tamil Sardar

A Tamilian call up sardar and asks " tamil therima??"
Sardar got mad, angrily replied.... "Hindi tera baap!!!"



A sardar on an interview 4 da post detective.
Interviewer : who killed Gandhi?
Sardar : Thank u sir 4 giving me d job,

I will start investigating.......



 Sardar's Essay

A sardar for an exam had studied only one essay 'FRIEND',
but in the exam the essay which came was 'FATHER'.
He replaced friend with father in the essay and >


Dr.Sardar   Ph.D

Interviewar: what s ur qualification?
Sardarji : Sir I am Ph.d.
Interviewar : what do u mean by Ph.d?
Sardarji : (smiling) PASSED HIGHSCHOOL with DIFFICULTY....


Sardar @ Amitab's KBKP

Amitab : In which state the river Gangus flows?
Sardar : liquid state.....
Audience clapped.. Amitab stunned,looks behind,



Sardar & Lady Doctor

Lady Doctor: Tum roz subah clinic ke bahar khade ho kar auraton ko kyon ghoorte ho?


Santa: Ji, aap hi ne bahar likha hai: Auraton ko dekhne ka samay 9am-11am .


 If wife ran away??

A conversation between a bartender and a man:

Bartender: What happened? You look wrecked!

Man: I had it all - Money, A beautiful house, The love of a beautiful woman…..


Bartender: Then… what went wrong?

Man: Well, then my wife found out!


Airtel Sardar Vodaphone

One day a dog was running behind a Santa… But Santa was laughing.
Banta asked, “Why you are so happy?
He said… “Ah Ah Ah….I have an Airtel mobile with me…But Still Hutch network is following me..”



Prospective husband: Do you have a book called ‘Man, The Master of Women’?


Salesgirl: The fiction department is on the other side, sir.



Bhikhari: Saab 1 rupaya de do.


Saheb: Kal aana. Kal

Bhikhari: Saala is kal-kal ke chakkar mein is colony

mein mere lakhon rupaye fase huye hain.



Lift & Escalator

Colleague : Sorry I’m late. I got stuck in an elevator for 4 hrs. Because of a power failure.


Mr. Bean : That’s alright, me too… I got stuck on the escalator for 3Hrs.




Sardar at Late Night Show

Santa and Banta went to see a 9-12 PM movie show.
But they came back at 10 PM.



Because the movie’s name was “Dastak” (Das-tak:uptill 10 O’ clock).


Two Sardars looking at an Egyptian mummy


Sardar1: Look so many bandages, pakka truck accident case!

Sardar2: Aaho, truck nambar bhi likha hai :



Sardar & ATM

A sardar was drawing money from ATM, The sardar behind him in the line said, “Ha! Ha! Haaa! I’ve seen your password. Its 4 asterisks (****). The first sardar replies, Ha! Ha! Haaa! U r wrong, Its 1213...


Dead Photographer

                  A sardarji photographer focusing a dead body’s face in a funeral function, suddenly all relatives beat him why? He said “SMILE PLEASE”

 Postman: - I Have To Come 5 Miles to Deliver U This Packet.
Sardar: - why did u come so far. Instead u could have posted it….

Sardar & Hidden Camera   

Jasmeet caught her husband Santa Singh searching high and low all around his living room.

Jasmeet : “What are you searching for?”

Santa : “Hidden camera!”

Jasmeet : “And what makes you think that there are hidden camera here?”

Santa : “That guy on tv knows exactly what I am doing. Why every few minutes he keeps saying, You are watching the Star World channel. How does he know that?”


Sanath ....A Clever Student !!

A teacher told all students in a class to write an essay on a cricket match. All were busy writing except Sanath. He wrote “DUE TO RAIN, NO MATCH!”

Sanath  found the answer to the most difficult question ever - What will come first, Chicken or egg? O Yaar, what ever u order first will come first.


Sardar & an Examination


         Sardar Exam Singh is appearing for his University final examination which consists of Y/N type questions. He takes his seat in the examination hall, stares at the question paper for five minutes, and then in a fit of inspiration takes his wallet out, removes a coin and starts tossing the coin and marking the answer sheet - Y for Heads and N for Tails.

Within half an hour he is all done whereas the rest of the class is sweating it out. During the last few minutes, he is seen desperately throwing the coin, swearing and sweating. The invigilator, alarmed, approaches him and asks what is going on.

"Oye, I finished the exam in half and hour". "But yaar", he says, "I am rechecking my answers and am not able to tally them with what I wrote."

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