Best LapTop Intel or AMD ?

Dual Core or Core2Duo ?

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Spare 5 min, you will never get confused when buying a new laptop.

One can have this below information and doubts with you. Its ok 50% right in that and50% wrong in that.

Best LapTop to buy.which one??
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AMD processors are better than Intel Processors for computer games and graphics.
Difference between Intel Core2Duo and Dual core and which one is better and cheaper??
Difference between Intel Core2Duo and AMD Processor and which one is better and cheaper??
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FunWeek team want to put fullstop for this confusin.just spare 5 mins in reading this information and we are sure that you will never get confused when buying a new laptop.

        These above questions really put people in confusion. Of course when you are investing 30k to 40k on Laptop, definitely you will think and discuss a lot with your friends. Just follow the questionnaire and help your self in decision making and go for the best. The technical information of processors in terms of performance is also described. Firstly I want to tell one thing. "Which processor is good?? The answer is Both AMD as well as Intel are good. But the right thing is we have to choose proper processor according to our requirement." Please assume that this is a universal truth.

 1.   Intel is good for speed as well as less power consumption, so less power consumption means it gives more battery backup. Graphics are not that much good compared to AMD.

2.  AMD is good for speed, graphics and gaming. Speed is less compared to Intel but in generalized sense we can say almost equal power consumption is more compared to Intel so less battery backup time.

 The idle things what we have to see when we are buying a laptop is

   1. Economy 

   2. Application 

   3. Performance 

   4. Battery backup 


1. Economy: Suppose if you take one Intel processor and one AMD processor which are same in terms of performance, you will fine a considerable difference between the costs of AMD Processor and Intel Processor. AMD processor is cheaper compared to Intel. This is because of Intel Company’s History in electronics market; of course it is the leader. 

2. Application: 

2a. Business applications like internet surfing  important scheduling , important files, data storing, files transfer between digital cam and computer, computer to ipod, mobile to computer and computer games of less than 1gb.. etc 

2b. Gaming Applications like..Hi-Fi games which uses more than 1gb of your memory. 

2c. Professional applications like AutoCAD, Matlab, Electronic design  and automation tools like Xilinx, Cadence and typical simulation software tools. 

3. Performance: AMD Turion is better than AMD Athlon Intel core 2 duo is better than Intel dual core (20% more faster than dual core) AMD Turion is better than Intel dual core for graphics and gaming application. 

4. Battery Backup:  

4a. If you are usually on travel most of the times then Batter backup should be high. 

4b. If you use your laptop in office and in home most of the times then considerable battery backup is sufficient. 

So here is your choice 

1. if your requirements are 2a+4b:  go for AMD Athlon 64 

2. if your requirements are 2a+4a: go to Intel Dual Core. 

3. if your requirements are 2a+2b+4b: go for AMD Turion. 

4. if your requirements are 2a+2c+(4a or 4b): go to Intel Core 2Duo 

5. if your requirements are 2a+2b+4a: Intel core 2 Duo 

Please keep in mind that these all above options are economical. 

If money is not a constraint for you then you can buy Apple Laptops also. 


One major difference in between dual core and core 2 duo and AMD Athlon and AMD Turion in terms of point 2a is "no difference". 

So you can go for AMD Athlon which costs at least 8k to 10k less than core 2 duo.