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Hi  Kiran..How are you??  Many Many Happy returns of the day..!!!  



Hi  Naagesh..How are you?? How about thesis??  Many Many Happy returns of the day..!!!

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 Hi Srinu Many Many Happy Returns of the day...

moodu beerlu...naalugu peggulu to happy gaa life saagipovaali ani aakaanshistoo.....Electrica2k1

Hi Swaroop..How are you?? Howz Life going on thr?? Many Many Happy returns of the day


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 Hello Friends..!!

       It gives us great pleasure to welcome you to Funweek, the ultimate online weekly. Once again Funweek came up with its latest look and collections. We would like to express our sincere thanks to all the funweek readers who are constantly encouraging us by sending responses over the funweek articles, as you all know this online weekly is the back bone of Care4Poor. We deliberately need your support to make Care4Poor more successful..!!                              …..Funweek Team

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This Week Friend

Hello Friends!! Maansi here. By looking at me can you guess what may be my profession is? Ok, keep on thinking. Mean while I will introduce myself. Basically I am a book lover (you can get it from my pic, which is my favorite place Library). Reading new articles is my passion. I shared one good article with funweek on YourTalent corner. Plz go through it and send me your opinion. Friends are my biggest assert. I love to spend much more time with my friends. I too want to help poor and needy. But right now I am very busy with my research work. But one day I will definitely contribute something. After reading the article Care4Poor on funweek, I was unable to stop myself to write this appreciation. Dear funweek team, my support will be there for you always..!!

             Hey friends..!! I gave a small hint (I am doing some research work). So can you guess what my profession is?? Yes you are right. I am a Doctor M.D,(so many of my friends told me that my face is more suitable for doctor profession, Is it right? (That is why I asked the question).At present I don't want to disclose my research work, but one day you all will appreciate me. Don't forget these words because you will see Maansi once again in your future. So...all the u again. Have loads of fun...!!

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   Entertainment is an activity designed to give pleasure or  relaxation to people. But here we will define our own way of entertainment. In this busy world no one can entertain us...just we have to entertain ourselves. so how come its possible..???                                     read more

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Funweek reader's love stories, love experiences, suggestions, problems and solutions.. still you can search lot more.                                           read more

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