2011/2012 - Autres

Cours Alabama
au moins 1-2 ans de danse:
danses faciles, écoute musicale

Mercredi soir
19h - 20h15

Aboye and Beyond
Factor 8
(danse du WE Fun & co)

Home to Louisiana

Irish Stew
Cours Californie
3-4 ans de danse:
danses plus/moins difficiles
perfectionnement, écoute musicale

Mercredi soir
20h15 - 21h30


Bad Things
(danse WE Fun & Co)

Beer for my horses (en couple)

Bosa Nova (non country)

Chacha Mc Coy
(danse WE Fun & co)


Country Roads (non country)

Crazy Foot Mambo
 Helluva Polka

Knee Deep
Knee Deep for 2 (en couple)

Never, ever
Pot of gold
Quarter after one
(avec tag et restart)

Cours Louisiane
5-6-7 ans de danse:
danses très difficiles

Mercredi soir
21h30 - 22h45

Bread on the table

Building Bridges
(danse du WE Fun & co)


Feet don't fail me now

Freight Train
Have you ever seen the rain

High Time

Laid Back Country
Leave the boat

Little White Church
(danse WE Fun &Co)

Long Hot Summer

I got the moves (non country)


Make this day (Grd Champ 2011)

Mary Mary

Put you in a song

South of Santa Fe


Travelling Dan

Travelling Music

Turbo Twang
(danse WE Fun & Co)

Vertical Expressions

White Trash