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Movie Title :Class of 1984

Andrew Norris arrives at a rundown high school to teach music. The only problem is is that there are a group of drug dealing thuggish students led by a piano genius Peter Stegman who are determined to continue doing business in the school, and teach a lesson to anybody who thinks about getting in their way!

Year : 1982

Genres : Crime Drama Thriller

Rating [imdb] : 6.20

Class of 1984. Is this the future? "We are the future!... and nothing can stop us." The teachers at Lincoln High have a very dangerous problem... their students!

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Actors : Perry King=Andrew Norris Merrie Lynn Ross=Diane Norris Timothy Van Patten=Peter Stegman Roddy McDowall=Terry Corrigan Stefan Arngrim=Drugstore Michael J. Fox=Arthur (as Michael Fox) Keith Knight=Barnyard Lisa Langlois=Patsy Neil Clifford=Fallon Al Waxman=Detective Stewiski Erin Noble=Deneen (as Erin Flannery) David Gardner=Principal Morganthau Steve Pernie=Rejack Robert Reece=Leroy Joseph Kelly=Jimmy Elva Mai Hoover=Ellen Corrigan Vincent Abbatino=Vinnie Contino Evan Green=Student Usher Linda Sorenson=Mrs. Stegman Claude Rae=Doctor

Directors : Mark L. Lester

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