The solution

The solution for the mathematical problem. 



No solution here. You have to ask help from your calculator. 


Windows users: Open the calculator and turn it into "scientific" mode (view/scientific). Type the first number (43962)  and then choose "hex" from upper left.  Got it? Turn it back to "dec" and repeat the procedure for the other numbers (44252, 2766).  Simple, in 57069 !


Linux users:  I can't help you. You have to find out yourself how to do the same in Linux. You are on your own (as usual).  :)


Mac users: I'm pretty sure that you are not even interested. The reason why you choose Apple in first place, was that you hate all kind of problems: mathematics and science.


"There are just 10 types of people: those who understand binary and those who don't."


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