Do you have a hillbilly bone? What is a Hick, one thing I can talk about with some authority is hillbillies, hill jacks, rednecks, hicks and funny related stuff.  I came from a long line of folks down yonder in Arkansas where my Dad was born and raised. Some of um cuter than a speckled pup wise sum of um looks like they dun went and fell out the ugly tree hittin ever branch on the ways down.  Weeze from a few other places but I'm not gonna mention them cause I don't wanna get a whooopin!What the Hick Funny Hillbilly Redneck Quotes and Sayings.

Hey Katie Lynn here, kick back and get ready to enjoy sum really good readin

Now I often talk about my real roots you know my dna and xyz and all but as my daughter often reminds me it’s were your raised and get your up bringing that most influences you.  I now live in Ohio now and it is very different from the more southern experiences of my childhood. I often take great pleasure in anything reminding me of laid back southern ways. Ohio lacks what's great about the south. They wouldn’t admit it but what the HICK do they know.

I’ve decided to write down all the funny stuff I remember from my childhood southern influences and such experiences. These are the kind of things you just don’t say around Ohio or you run the risk of being frowned at as an out cast, after all they may really think your daft. Cuz well you know thays caint take a joke.

It’s like a funny dark side those havin an inner hick, redneck or hillbilly laugh about and those who haven’t laugh about as well. But the bottom line is laughter is the best medicine and I’m sure it’s something every hick, hillbilly or redneck can be proud of. So I'm gunna take you back to when heck was a pup and ever porch swang wuz in the good company of a big ole Mason Jar filled to the brim with some of Momma's good ole sweet tea.

You might be a redneck if yur middle name is Joe and even a bigger redneck if yur sister’s middle name is Jo.  Now heck fire yuns know I don’t cuss cuz I’ve never wanted my two little girls to cuss. Sides that I learned from my older brother you get yer mouth washed plum out with soap if you do, and then chased around by a crazed switch! Now yous may as well know i growed up with three rotten brothers and that be the reason I'm meaner than a striped ass snake, so forgive me if I get a bit rascally.

Well the memories of my brothers forever blowing bubbles is the reason I became famous for using other creative terms to cuss and well my daughters have learned that instead. My daughter came up with “what the cheese”, "what the flip", "cheeze it" instead of the other more commonly heard phrases.  Today we were driving to the store and she saw something odd and said a new one. I’d like to take this opportunity to introduce the new phrase my daughter just invented today, what the hick 4-10-10

I loved it and claimed I’m gonna use that for my sayings’ hub. Plus this is my new phrase of expressing intense reactions or feelings. So, What The Hick you waiting for read these funny phrases and let me know what you think.