Funny basketball team names. North carolina basketball results.

Funny Basketball Team Names

    basketball team
  • a team that plays basketball
  • Basketball is a team sport in which two teams of five players try to score points by throwing or "shooting" a ball through the top of a basketball hoop while following a set of rules. Basketball is one of the most popular and widely viewed sports in the world.
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funny basketball team names

TODAY WAS ONE OF THE MOST DEPRESSING DAYS OF MY LIFE. [this description MIGHT be long] Okay I`ll first talk about stuff related to the picture because... yeah So, GO MATS!!!!!!!! haha we had NCS today YEAHHHH BOYS VARSITY BBALL<33333333 we lost... OUR LAST GAME OHMYGOSHHHHHHH IT WAS SO FREAKIN SAD I WANTED TO CRY! we were winning THE ENTIRE GAME! THEN whatthehell?! Anamly?? Amaly?? I HAVE NO FREAKIN IDEA WHAT THE OPPOSING SCHOOL`S FRXN NAME IS!! THEY HAD THIS FRXN GOOD PLAYER WHO THREW 3 POINT SHOTS ALL THE TIME! his name was like, Max Fujii or something. SOooooper good, he was like their best player. &&He was short. It`s really weird. Like, my school`s best player is short too. Haha it`s funny how it turns out that way. so yeah! we were winning the entire game right? then we`re in the last few seconds and Fujii threw a 3 point [I think...?] anyways it ended in a tie so we had another 4 minutes and we shoot one, then they shoot two free throws, then Fujii throws a 3 pointer and it all just ends really badly... I totally think they should have taken the guy on my team who was guarding Fuji off of guarding Fujii cuz he totally was getting pissed. THey were like pushing each other and our player kept on getting personal fouls. I lost my voice at that game even if we lost, it was SO intense. our team is good. but our spirit is BAD! so many people on the opposing side were dressed in blue [their colors] and it looked really cool but yeah my school didn't ummm I can say a whole bunch of other crap about my school and it's lack of school spirit but the wrong peope might read it. and then at the end l when we lost people on my side were throwing empty water/soda bottles so Tung and I left ASAP My school is so disgraceful xD BUT ANYWAYS THIS PICTURE! there was this guy standing in front of us and Tung pointed out his shirt haha yeahh I blurred out my school`s name becauseeeeeeeeee I felt like it If you can`t read it it says "_________ Wall Ball Club We <3 Balls And Rainbows" AND I THOUGHT IT WAS FRXN HILARIOUS so I secretly took a picture :]] but I hate this picture the lighting is SO BAD! I hate flash!!!! yuckyyyyyy loook at that HORRIBLE lighting! I couldn't even photoshop it better xP [you can just skip everything between the brackets] [ Second depressing thing about today: my "birthday" is today. It`s actually NOT my birthday but it might as well be, because no one celebrates my birthday on my real birthday anymore. I haven`t celebrated my birthday in over 4 years, but about. Yeah... I live a sad life, but it`s really my fault I suppose because every summer I`m not home: either at camp or on a plane [this year I`m going to be on a plane ON MY birthday again. Last year I was on a plane on my birthday as well] but yeah... I dunno, I felt kinda sad about an hour ago because it`s like... my birthday doesn`t exist anymore... so Tung gave me a fake birthday... but it doesn`t work because in the end, she tells everyone that it`s actually not my birthday and everyone ends up hating me I think I`ll just screw it next year. Screw my birthday it really does not matter anymore. I`ll be in college in less than 2 years and I can do whatever I want. But thanks to anyone who decided to screw that fact that my birthday is a lie and decided to "celebrate" it with me today. ] blahhh Cornelia, Tomson and I went to Quickly [快可立] and Tomson came to my house for like 2 minutes haha and we found out we love the same kinda alternative bands We <3 this song The Future Freaks Me Out by Motion City Sountrack
Avery was catch (collected) from an orphanage with her best friends Lexa and Sophina, and they was carried to "Bay View". She is a quiet girl who loves shopping, clothes, music, sports and be with friends. Shes cheerful, crazy and funny. She is a participant of Cheerleader`s Team. Name: Avery. Nickname: "Ice Cream" cuz she is so soft like an ice cream. Age: 13. Style: sporty and commfort. Favorite music: pop. Favorite artist: Jhonny Deep and Drake Bell. Favorite music artist: Drake Bell, Selena Gomez and Hilary Duff. Favorite movie: Tangled and SpongeBob. Favorite TV program: SpongeBob, Ginger, Arnold and Zoey 101. Favorite color: red. Favorite subject: sports and litterature. Sports: Basketball and cheerleader. Hobbies: go shopping, play basketall, cheerleader eat ice cream. Best Friends: Lexa and Sophina.

funny basketball team names